James Bell

Associate Professor James J. Bell, a researcher at Victoria University of Wellington, co-leads the RTI project, Coral Recruitment, Calcification, and Bioerosion. James is a marine ecologist with a broad range of interests in marine organisms and systems who studied for his primary undergraduate degree in Marine Biology (B.Sc. honors first class) at the University of Wales, Bangor in North Wales. After completing his B.Sc., he undertook a Ph.D. at University College Cork focused on sponge ecology and continues to be intrigued by this important group of marine invertebrates. After completing his Ph.D. in 2001, he took up a series of lectureship positions before being appointed as a Senior Lecturer at VUW in June 2006. James became an Associate Professor in 2013 and is currently the Director of the Marine Biology Programmes at Victoria University of Wellington. James has a number of ongoing coral reef research projects in Australia, Indonesia, and in the Central Pacific, with much of this work focusing on how environmental degradation, climate change, and ocean acidification influence sponges. Contact James