Madhavi Colton

Dr. Madhavi Colton has extensive experience linking science, resource management, conservation, and policy. In her current role, she serves as the Reefs Tomorrow Initiative program director, and is based at the Coral Reef Alliance. As program director, Madhavi acts as the central hub of a multi-institution, inter-disciplinary research project that investigates coral reef resilience and works with managers to apply that newfound knowledge to conservation. Prior to joining CORAL, Madhavi designed, implemented, and managed inter-disciplinary programs monitoring California’s network of marine protected areas. By working closely with resource managers and policy makers, she has developed a deep understanding of the process by which scientific information is used to inform management and policy decisions. She has also worked closely with academic and government researchers, creating integrative collaborations across scientific and socioeconomic disciplines to address key management information needs. Her work with numerous local stakeholder groups has given her a keen sense of how communities access and use scientific information. Trained as an ecologist, Madhavi earned a Ph.D. in marine biology from the University of Melbourne, where her research focused on understanding patterns in the abundance and distribution of nearshore fishes at multiple spatial scales. She has also studied rockfish populations along the California coast, and desert plant communities in Death Valley National Park. Contact Madhavi