Rob Dunbar

Professor Robert Dunbar is a researcher at Stanford University who co-leads the RTI project, Physical Oceanography. Rob’s research and teaching interests include climate dynamics, oceanography, marine ecology, and biogeochemistry. He is also interested in environmental policy directed towards problem-solving. Rob’s research group studies global environmental change with a focus on air-sea interactions, tropical marine ecosystems, polar climate, and biogeochemistry. In October 2001, he became the founding director of a new Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Environment and Resources, a position he maintained until 2005. In January 2003, Rob was appointed the Victoria P. and Roger W. Sant Director of the Earth Systems Program, the largest undergraduate and co-terminal master’s program in the School of Earth Sciences. In January 2004, he was named the J. Frederick and Elisabeth B. Weintz University Fellow in Undergraduate Education. This fellowship is in recognition of teaching and mentoring of Stanford undergraduate students and is the most meaningful honor he has ever received! He was awarded the William M. Keck Professorship in 2008, the same year that he moved from the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences to the newly created Department of Environmental Earth System Science. In 2009, Rob was elected as a Trustee for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in Washington D.C. where he is active in promoting the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program and the Ocean Observatories Initiative. In 2004, Rob helped start the Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium (PARC) to promote research and conservation of Pacific coral reefs. Contact Rob