Clint Edwards

Clinton Edwards, a technician at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is a member of the RTI project, Benthic Community Patterns. Clint’s areas of expertise are coral reef fish ecology, benthic taxonomy, and computing. He oversees the training of a taxonomic team who digitize the large benthic mosaic images, and also oversees data management for the benthic team. Clint obtained his undergraduate degree in Ecology Behavior and Evolution at the University of California, San Diego before completing a Master’s thesis at Scripps with Dr. Jennifer Smith, where he completed a global analysis of coral reef herbivorous fish populations. During and following his graduate work, Clinton has worked as a staff researcher and has contributed his database management, taxonomic, and quantitative skills to a number of lab projects. In this capacity he has conducted extensive field work in Hawai‘i, the Central Pacific, and Brazil. Contact Clint