David Koweek

Mr. David Koweek, a Ph.D. candidate advised by Rob Dunbar in the Department of Environmental Earth System Science at Stanford University, is a member of the RTI project, Physical Oceanography. David’s research broadly focuses on coastal marine biogeochemistry, and he is especially interested in understanding what controls carbon cycling in coastal marine environments. He has worked on coral reefs on Palmyra Atoll, American Samoa, and the Republic of Palau. David combines high-throughput analytical instrumentation with physical oceanographic measurements to measure the daily metabolic cycles in coral reefs (calcification/dissolution and production/respiration), and how they vary in response to environmental and ecological conditions. He is also interested in developing models to help predict how coral reefs may change under the dual global stresses of climate change and ocean acidification. David’s research has recently expanded beyond the tropics to include kelp forests off the California coast. He has also been fortunate to work in the Antarctic as part of a team exploring the biogeochemistry of the Ross Sea. David enjoys the adventures of fieldwork and the sense of exploration it entails (especially the SCUBA diving). Contact David