Sangeeta Mangubhai

Dr. Sangeeta Mangubhai, a marine ecologist with 15 years of conservation science and management experience in Indonesia, the South Pacific, East Africa and Australia, serves as a conservation advisor for the RTI project, Bridging Reef Resilience Research and Conservation. Sangeeta has acquired a diverse set of skills and experiences in multi-objective MPA design and management, marine spatial planning, ecosystem-based management, coral reef fisheries, species management, governance, and climate change. She has advised and developed policy and legislation in Indonesia and Australia, and designed guidelines and practical tools for assessing the management effectiveness of MPAs, and practitioners’ guides on marine spatial planning. Sangeeta is also a specialist in designing monitoring programs to look at patterns of change in coral reef communities and assessing reef resilience to climate change. She has a strong interest in developing community-based monitoring and practical management systems that empower local users to make informed decisions about their resources. Her research interests include resilience processes on coral reefs, community fisheries, and assessing the impact and ‘return of investment’ of conservation intervention and strategies. Sangeeta is currently the Fiji Program Director at the Wildlife Conservation Society, an adjunct scientist with the New England Aquarium, co-chair of the Oceania chapter for Ecosystem Services Partnership, and editor for Pacific Conservation Biology. Contact Sangeeta