Senoveva Mauli

Ms. Senoveva Mauli, the Director for Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership (SICCP), participates as a conservation advisor to the RTI project, Bridging Reef Resilience Research and Conservation. SICCP works through partnership with communities to bridge local conservation, sustainable development, and resource management efforts with broader national and international initiatives to ensure financial sustainability and sound stewardship of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands. A locally established organization, SICCP has developed partnerships with Tetepare Descendant Association and Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Association (KIBCA) and maintains a network of strong relationships with communities in Marovo Lagoon (Zaira & Biche communities). Seno’s focus within SICCP is to develop and strengthen its capacity to manage these current conservation networks and expand its support and empowerment of community-driven conservation actions in the wider Solomon Islands. Contact Senoveva