Dylan McNamara

Dr. Dylan McNamara is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography at UNC Wilmington and is a co-leader of the RTI project Benthic Dynamic Modeling. Dylan has a diverse background in physics and oceanography and his research interests have broadly focused on using methods developed in the study of complex systems to explore the dynamics of natural systems that have been impacted by humans. A large focus of Dylan’s work has explored how human-occupied coastlines will evolve as sea level rise, storm climates, and storm mitigation policies change. In modeling coral reefs, Dylan is exploring the general dynamics of ecosystems subject to drastic phase shifts and how human influences alter these dynamics. Specifically, Dylan is using a range of novel techniques to model coral reef benthic dynamics and to analyze photos of coral reefs. His aim is to test coral modeling output against photographic data and then extend models to predict coral reef evolution over a range of external environmental conditions. Dylan also aims to have his work on coral reefs and coastlines translate to increased understanding of how to model and predict natural systems with strong human influences. Contact Dylan