Fiorenza Micheli

Dr. Fio Micheli is a researcher at Stanford University who leads the RTI project, Herbivory and Coral Recruitment. Fio is a professor at the Hopkins Marine Station where her research focuses on the processes and interactions shaping coastal marine communities and incorporating this understanding in the management and conservation of marine ecosystems. She is most interested in how disturbance and interactions between species underlie the organization, spatial variation, and temporal change in marine communities. In addition to addressing these basic ecological questions, Fio’s research seeks to apply community ecology to increase our understanding of human impacts on the marine environment and to design conservation and restoration strategies. Examples include quantifying the joint effects of fishing and climate change on marine ecosystems, and incorporating our understanding of diversity patterns, species interactions, habitat-species linkages, and patterns of human use of natural resources in the design, management and evaluation of marine reserve networks and marine zoning. Contact Fio