Jennifer Smith

Dr. Jennifer Smith, an Assistant Professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is an advisor to the RTI project, Benthic Community Patterns. Jen is a coral reef ecologist with primary expertise in benthic communities (marine plants, corals, and other invertebrates). Her primary interests are in determining how various physical and biological processes affect the structure and function of marine communities. Jen has been interested in determining how human impacts affect or alter marine communities. Currently Jen and her students are working on understanding how local stressors such as pollution, overfishing or the introduction of invasive species affect coral reefs. Jen’s lab is also working to determine how global stressors associated with climate change such as warming or ocean acidification will alter reef species. Much of the research in the Smith lab is focused on marine conservation and restoration of degraded habitats and often involves multidisciplinary activities. Jen and her students are actively working to develop effective management strategies for coral reef communities around the world. Contact Jen