Gareth Williams

Dr. Gareth Williams, a Project Scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is a member of the RTI project, Benthic Community Patterns. Gareth’s areas of expertise include quantitative ecology, coral taxonomy, and biophysical relationships on coral reefs. Gareth has a particular passion for coral reef ecology and statistical ecology. His research focuses on how humans affect tropical coral reef ecosystems, in particular how human activities change the health, structure and functioning of these important systems. Understanding these interactions and how they too interact with global stressors, such as climate change, is his research priority. Gareth is addressing many of these questions by examining changes to the structure of coral reef ecosystems, and their dynamics, across multiple human disturbance gradients throughout the Indo-Pacific, in particular throughout the Equatorial Line Islands. Originally from the U.K., Gareth spent his B.Sc. years working on starfish behavior in the Irish Sea and his M.Sc. years on temperate reef fish ecology in northeastern New Zealand. He is an avid diver and has visited numerous reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean over the last 14 years. Contact Gareth